Quilts  :  Tristan's Nine Patch Baby Quilt


Took me more than a week to finish whip-stitching the binding, but here it is, the finished Nine Patch Baby Quilt for Tristan!  I was a little worried about the pink Clover chalk lines, as well as the yellow chalk lines, but I did manage to get them out.  First I filled the washer with cold water and a cup of vinegar.  Then I sprayed the chalk lines with Shout and waited 5 minutes before submersing the quilt in the cold water and vinegar.  I washed the quilt a second time (with soap) to remove the vinegar smell.  After letting it air dry for a day, I fluffed it in the dryer on the "no heat" setting.  


Started whip-stitching the binding to the back of the quilt today.  I hope to have the quilt completely finished, and in the wash within a day or two.  Of course photos to follow...


I'm happy to report the quilting is complete!  It looks so much better now; always does after quilting.  There's just something about flat, un-quilted pieced-fabric tops, ya know?  It's like I can "see" how great they could be, if only they were quilted!  In any case, after finishing the quilting I cut and pieced the binding fabric, and then stitched it to the quilt top.


After finishing my Mustard and Black quilt yesterday, I decided it was time to get crackin' on Tristan's quilt.  This is after much debate about starting over and making him a hand-quilted baby quilt.  I decided to press on with this one, and see how I like it after it's been completed and washed. After todays quilting it is now 50 percent complete. I hope to have it finished by next weekend.


Look who decided to show up early...

Weighing in at 8 lbs 2 oz. and 21 inches long it's Tristan Wade Morrison!!  This is proud daddy and an even prouder papa with little Tristan.  What a cutie-pa-tutie!  Guess the quilt is gonna be a little late.  Can someone please tell me where all of the time went?  It's not like I didn't have 9 months!


I've finished the main fabric blocks, 64 of them, and I'm now moving on to the setting blocks.  I've decided on an 8 x 8 square layout with three borders.  The outer 2 inch border may or may not have corner squares, I'll just have to wait and see.  I've scrapped the idea for the pieced border at this point, mostly because I'm not sure how to divide the length up into equal measurements.  That is, for a 1 inch pieced border the length would have to be an exact measurement of say 40, 41, or 42 inches.  Currently the 2nd border measures something like 38.1967 inches!  For now I've chosen to add a 1/2 inch, 1 inch and 2 inch borders.  At this point I have 25 setting blocks completed.  I'll need 49 total full setting blocks, 28 side setting blocks, and 4 corner setting blocks.


Scott is coming home today, from his week-long trip to Columbus, Ohio.  I'm pretty excited to see him, and I know he's ready to be home.  I now have 54 of the main fabric blocks completed, and if I keep with the current size of 7 x 9 rows, I'll only need another 9 more!  I'm going to complete the 63 blocks, arrange them on the floor, and then decide if the quilt should be bigger.  I'm considering 8 x 10 rows, or even 9 x 9 rows.  Oh what to do...decisions, decisions.


Tristan's nine patch is coming along great.  I have 39 of the main blocks completed, along with 12 of the setting blocks.  At this point I've run out of the 1 1/2 inch cut pieces for the main blocks, and will need to cut more before going on.  I'm going to use mom's technieque (a.k.a. the normal method) of cutting the pieces to the exact size, rather than what I've been doing; which is using over-sized pieces then pressing and trimming prior to adding the next piece.  This method works great for making absolutely perfect 3 inch nine-patch blocks, but it's sooooo much work.  I just think in the end Tristan's quilt will turn out perfect regardless of which method I use; so why put myself through all of the extra work, when it's just not necessary.


I spent the afternoon with Chel, Cj, Grant and Tahina.  Of course Tristan came with, but he really didn't have a choice.  It was great fun spending time with the family.   We all met at Chel's house in Columbus, and from there went to the mall in Billings where Cj and Tristan got some new clothes, and I got a new pair of tennies (converse low-tops).  We finished the evening with dinner at our favorite Mexican food resturaunt, followed by purchasing some additional goodies for the boys from Toys R Us!


I spent some time with JB today, quilting my mustard and black amish quilt.  We decided to take a photo of Tristan's quilt blocks and so arranged them outside.  The finished quilt will have 8 columns by 11 rows, for a total of 88 blocks "on point".  Here's what I have so far...


Well I started out thinking I would use 4 1/2 inch finished blocks; hence the 1 3/4 inch strips.  Instead JB suggested I do cute little 3 inch blocks, which I agreed would be perfect for the baby quilt.


Today I cut 1 3/4 inch strips from each of the main fabrics for the nine-patch quilt.  I selected the color scheme from my home (cranberry, olive, mustard, black, etc.), which will make for a very non-standard baby quilt...

Tahina and Grant will be stopping by tonight, so I'll be showing them the fabrics and the pattern I've chosen. Hope they like it!


After going through countless quilting magazines and peruseing the internet for the perfect baby quilt, I finally found the inspiration I was looking for.  It came in the form of a note card which mom had received in the mail, along with several other generic greeting cards.  It came from one of those non-profit places looking for donations, so they send free address labels, etc.  Anyway, this one had the perfect nine-patch quilt, which I instantly knew was the one.  Okay maybe not instantly, but I loved it and decided to make one of these for Tristan.  JB and I spent the afternoon in Fiberworks, where I purchased fabric for the setting squares.  I also picked up one additional fabric, red with tan polka-dots (love'em), for the main squares!


It's a BOY...

Tahina is 23 weeks along and today we find out she and Grant are having a boy.  His name is Tristan Wade Morrison.  Here he is sucking his thumb...


Here's our Christmas present from Grant and Tahina!  It's our new grand-baby, who will be here August 13th.  I can't wait!   It's a good thing babies take so long to arrive as this gives me just enough time to select the perfect quilt pattern as well as the fabric; not my best skill.