Blackwork  :  Snowflake Christmas Tree


I wanted to update this page with a photograph of the Fancy Christmas Tree.  Here it is finished and framed.  This was my mom's second attempt at the Snowflake Christmas Tree Blackwork Pattern.  As I said, this version is an example of the "Fancy" tree and is worked on 18 count fabric.  The "Basic" tree, which is also included in the pattern, can be seen in the photo at the bottom of this page.  As a side note, my sister is almost finished with her Basic tree, worked in red DMC thread on 14 count fabric.  She has the tree-topper to finish and then will add the bead embellishments (bling).  Can't wait to post another update so everyone can see how it turns-out.  Read on to find out more about how this project was inspired...


This Christmas Tree pattern was inspired by a BLACKWORK project originally made by my mother.  She recieved an interesting Christmas card one year, and thought it would make a great BLACKWORK wall-hanging.  The front of the card was a pretty pale blue color and featured several "loops" of white snowflakes in the shape of a xmas tree.  I loved the concept and wanted to help mom get started, so...

Using the Christmas card as a guide,
I drew a single line which simply followed the flow of the snowflakes.  Mom printed the page and used it as a reference, marking her fabric with a washable blue quilting pen.  With a few blackwork snowflakes found free on the internet, along with a few from patterns she had purchased, mom BLACKWORKED snowflakes along the entire length of the loopy line.

Of course her finished blackwork project turned out awesome, as you can see in this photo.  I loved it so much I decided to make my own pattern, the results of which is now available on Etsy and comes with two versions:  
Snowflake Xmas Tree Pattern.

This pattern provides two versions of the tree for you to choose from. One is more of a single line of snowflakes, while the other is more full of snowflakes. Hope you guys like it.