Quilt Projects

 by Valerie Morrison
My love of quilting began in 2003 with the need for a small quilt.  It was to be used as a cover for a Barbie bed which I was selling on eBay.  My mom and I worked together, both making a quilt to fit this miniature bed which was made by my dear husband.

While we used my mom's quilt for the pictures (it was the better of the two), the pure joy we felt in making our quilts was all that mattered. From that point on, JB (mom) and I were hooked.  We've been quilting ever since, making both hand and machine pieced projects.

Finished Quilts

Click to view my Gallery of Finished Quilts.  View everything from my just finished Mustard and Black Amish Center Diamond quilt, which was made for my master bed, to Cj's Monster quilt.  All of my wall-hangings, as well as my Days Till Christmas countdown, are shown here as well.  Be sure to check them out!

Quilts in Progress...

Currently I'm working on my Dear Jane Quilt.  It's 60 x 60 inches square and made up of 64 blocks at 4.5 inches each.  It's a two color quilt with one batik and a calico!

You can view the progress of this quilt as well as my other UFOs in my Unfinished Quilts Gallery