by Valerie Morrison
I can't help it, I'm in love with needlework; specifically Blackwork.  

This all started in 2015 when my mom and I attended our bi-annual quilt show in Billings, Montana.  We happened to see a beautiful quilt embellished with embroidery work.  No strangers to embroidery, Redwork, and other types of needle-craft, for some reason this example struck a chord with us.  With fabric prices at an all-time high, our quilting days were numbered. My mom and I were looking for a new and fun craft to enjoy.  Enter BLACKWORK...

24 Days Till Xmas Blackwork Project
Red on White

22 x 10

Snowflake Christmas Tree Blackwork Project
Black on White

8 x 10

Baby Announcement Project
Black on Tan

8 x 10

Valentine Heart Blackwork Project
Black on ? (TBD)

8 x 10