Blackwork  :  Baby Announcement


Here's the finished Blackwork from this pattern courtesy of my mom.  I'd say she did an amazing job, and we make a heck of a team.  For those interestd, the following is a little about how this project came to be...

Baby Steps

Yay, we're having a baby!  Well thankfully not me personally, but our son and gf are.   Even better!   And what better motivation for designing something new and fun, than the addition of a grand baby into our lives.   With this design project, I will also get the added bonus of working with my mom (great grandma) again.   We love collaberating on new patterns.   I mean, is there anything cuter in this world than babies and baby items? I say this project is gonna be fun fun fun...

The first baby item I'm going to create is a blackwork version of baby feet.   I'm using a previous pattern which I created for my husband's Rocker Cradle, which you can see here on his website: Scott Morrison's Rocker Cradle.   He made this amazing Rocker Cradle and I quilted this custom pad to go with it.   You can just make out the stitching of the baby feet in the center.   I have to say my mom helped me with this one as well, as she's our resident bow expert!  

The first sample of baby feet in blackwork didn't look near cute enough.   First of all, it's way to big; nearly 4 inches.  Second, the toes are too far away from the main part of the foot.   I decided to use graph paper as a quick way to chart a smaller version.  

The blackwork test came out much better on the second attempt.   Measuring just over an inch, I like this size a lot.   However, the toes look as bad as they do drawn on the graph paper.   I mean, what was I thinking?   But I had to start somewhere, and this is actually great progress.

Well it turns out the third time is a charm.   I kept the overall size, but made a small tweak to the shape of the main (base) part of the feet.   Moving them in closer together and turning the heels in slightly was all that was required.   The square and triangle shaped toes of the previous version were rediculous.   The only shape I liked was the circle of the big toe.   I decided to duplicate the big toe from version 2 and use it for each of the smaller toes.   I then had to create a larger version to use as the big toe.   Due to the larger size of these 5 little toes I had to scrunch them together a bit more, overlapping them to get them to fit.  

These turned out super cute, I love them! Here's how they look...

Blackwork Toys

After searching the web for reference images of baby items, it wasn't long before I was actually able to start charting.   I looked at rubber duckies, pacifiers, baby bottles, rattles, baloons, etc.  

Looking at the smaller baby bottle shown here, I can see it doesn't quite work.   At just over 1/2 inch, it's too small. Actually I like the larger bottle as it reminds me of the Platex bottles I used when my daughter was a baby.  

I came up with two versions of a pacifier as shown in these images.   There is only a slight difference, in size and shape, between the two.   I haven't decided which I like better as there are elements I like in both.   They are very small, measuring about 1/2 inch.  

I think the rubber ducky turned out perfect.  
I may create another version, one with wheels and a string, made to look like an old-fashioned pull toy.

Can you tell what toy is picturd under the rubber ducky?  Well I sure hope so.  It's one of those colorful stacking toys.   I prefer the one on the right (below the pacifier), with the rocking base.   I think this needs further refinement.   Maybe start with the stacker toy base and the different donut shapes off to the side.   Then blackwork it again with th first "donut" added to the base.   Repeat until all of the shapes are stacked on top.

The baby rattle was simple enough to chart, and the finished blackwork looks super cute. It measures about 1 inch.